What we do

We help you build your wealth by using "other people's money" through Buy To Let Property Investment South Africa.

Like me, you are probably looking for ways to make your money work for you?

It is October 2023 and people are asking, "How is the Buy to let Property Investment market at the moment?"

The simple answer in my opinion is that it is a Buyer's market, meaning it is a great time to buy property investments. 

Who is Organic Growth?

 I (Neil Vorster) have personally been in the property market since 1989, and specialised in residential Buy to let Property Investment (South Africa) from the year 2000 onward when I took the leap and started applying my knowledge gained from being a property practitioner in South Africa for over a decade.

I applied my knowledge of identifying investment property locations, property types, timing of the markets, investment financing, property maintenance, tenant sourcing etc etc and got my hands dirty. 

Based on this personal experience and our personal investment in the market, Warren Horak and I started Organic Growth in 2013 to share our knowledge and make property investment fully accessible to anybody working for a monthly income. 

What do we do?

Investing in properties can be a lucrative opportunity to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

However, navigating the buy to let property investment market in South Africa can be a daunting task without the right knowledge and guidance.

That's where we come in, with our free ebook, free property investment courses and property investment articles, we will make it our business to expose the pitfalls and help you navigate the seemingly choppy waters of property investment.

We will provide you with all the essential information and strategies to help you make informed property investment decisions.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out , we've got you covered.

From understanding market trends to identifying the best locations, we'll dive deep into the factors that can significantly impact your ROI.

We'll also explore different property types, such as residential, commercial, and rental properties, to help you choose the most suitable investment for your goals.

Furthermore, we'll discuss the various financing options available, including mortgages and loans, as well as the potential tax implications of property investments.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to confidently navigate the complex world of real estate and make sound investment decisions.

Get ready to unlock the potential of property investing and take control of your financial future.

How to Get into Buy to let Property Investment in South Africa

 Let's dive in, the three types of person we cater for are
DIY: we cater for the DIY person who has the time and energy to learn new skills and the time and energy to apply them,

Done for You: the person who is so busy being successful at their career that they simply don’t have the hours available to search for high yielding investment properties in the right locations!

Coaching for Performance: This is a person who already has a handle on buy to let property investment in South Africa, but needs some coaching to really ramp up the performance of their property portfolio

We offer you three options to choose from...


You are the DIY (Do It Yourself) type person who does things yourself, like the person who fixes your own car….

You spend years developing the skills and know-how through making mistakes, getting your hands dirty, courses etc. DIY Buy to let property investment in South Africa. 

We offer hours of free training, to start Property Investment DIY


You are the DFY (Done For You) type person. The person who likes to know a bit about your car, but you take it to the expert mechanic for repairs. You don’t have the time to read the books, get your hands dirty, do the courses, and learn the new skills, but would rather hire an expert to do it for you. You are the kind of person who gets on with making a living and enjoying your life.

Buy To Let Property Investment in South Africa done for me

Property in a Box is for you. 


How Serious Are You About Saving Yourself A Lot Of Money And Heartache?
Let me help you kick start your investment strategy into high gear and avoid the pitfalls along the way.
I will help you to clarify and prioritize your focus so that you can make more money and work a lot less awhile making less of those costly and unnecessary mistakes.

Buy to let properties and Crypto Markets. 

Discount Butterfly Deals!

Why pay more for your investment?
Get at least 40% savings on your next buy to let investment in the one of best investment growth areas in South Africa.

Neil Vorster South Africa property investment

Neil Vorster

South Africa property investment  Warren Horak Buy to let

Warren Horak

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to make the leap of starting a buy to let property investment business that is empowered by your current salary. Essentially we show you how to create a buy to let property investment portfolio while you work in a normal job.

To find out how, you are welcome to join our free Organic Growth Blog here  and received a weekly blog post that encourage and teach the art and science of property investment.

Organic Growth was founded by Neil Vorster and Warren Horak

Happy Clients

Brian Davidson


"Sounds almost criminal, I’m buying a property and one day it will be totally mine without a bond on it and someone else has paid that property for me.

It’s an unbelievable thought, but it works! It is absolutely effortless – which is managed by Neil and Targer Realty.

All I do is sit back and watch it all happening."

“Property can be intimidating if it isn’t an area in which you work. Neil has been instrumental in helping me to build a portfolio of properties that are producing excellent results.

I have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing."

Graham Wolfson

London and Johannesburg

Charles Webster


“Targer has been managing my property in Craigavon for about seven years now, and I can recommend the company’s services without hesitation.

Whether it’s dealing with a tenant on my behalf, sorting out maintenance issues, dealing with the City of Johannesburg’s imperfect rates department or supplying me with rental income consolidations for my tax return, the Targer team has made my journey as a landlord as painless as possible."

“ I was referred to Targer several years ago after struggling with tenants for some time.

One call with Neil was sufficient for me to move my entire property portfolio to Targer and I have not looked back since.

I can recommend Targer to any investor-owner who seeks the satisfaction of property management without the hang-ups. Well done to Neil and his team."

Grant Hodgkinson

Johannesburg and London

Read more testimonials here 


It is  our desire to help you become financially free so you you don’t have to work 9 to 5 every day to earn a living and are free to do what you want with your time.

  • Investment Solutions – we show you how to invest for maximum growth
  • The eight steps to wealth creation through Buy To Let Property Investment
  • Planning your way to financial freedom using your new currency – “townhouses”
  • Strategically managing your buy to let property portfolio


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How long will be before you want be able to retire or be financially free. Where your job becomes optional?

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How safe are blue chip investments ?

The list of international banking crises of the last few years reads like an adventure novel, or it should be said, a horror story !

Subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S. starting in 2007
2008 United Kingdom bank rescue package
2009 United Kingdom bank rescue package
2008–2009 Belgian financial crisis
2008–2012 Icelandic financial crisis
2008–2009 Russian financial crisis
2008–2009 Ukrainian financial crisis
2008–2012 Spanish financial crisis
2008–2011 Irish banking crisis

Clearly when you invest with major banks and financial institutions the investment environment is not as stable as traditionally thought of. We regard most of these so called financial “blue chip” investment solutions as restrictive and little more than forced savings plans in a volatile institutionalized banking world. International confidence in banks and financial institutions to be able to secure your future is at an all-time low! 

Watch this shocking Facebook live video where we compare the return on investment between a retirement policy from a well known insurance company and a simple buy to let investment property.  (The picture quality is poor, but bear with me please,  the content will shock you)

Residential Property investment

We will show you how investing in residential property is,

  • safe
  • highly tax efficient
  • inflation proof

In our experience based opinion, Buy to Let Property Investment far outstrips the returns offered by retirement annuities  and stock exchange related investment products.
Organic Growth will show you how to invest in high yielding correctly located residential property with the bank’s money, not your own!  You don’t have to start with a fortune to make one! All investment carries risk, whether one likes it or not.

We will show you how to mitigate your risks and take all the hassle out of property investment.

In The News

Watch Neil Vorster and Magnus Heystek debate buy-to-let investments on eNCA TV
As Neil said, “You need to aim for a balance between good capital growth in a good area with good rentals, followed by effective management of your property.”

Where Do I Start? 

1. Learn

2. Invest

Best areas for Buy-to-let property investment in South Africa: 

Discount Butterfly Deals!

Why pay more for your investment?

Get at least 40% savings on your next buy to let investment in the one of best investment growth areas in South Africa.
Current developments in the best investment areas are selling at between R17 000 and R40 000 per square meter for 1 to 2 bedroom units. (Be sure to compare these rates with our deals)

Our Latest Blog Posts

Read our latest blog posts here with key investment strategies and tips to help you develop your buy-to-let property portfolio


I want to retire early and enjoy my family, I value my time much more than money.

Yes that sounds about right. This is what we do!  What the  Organic Growth Investors Club offers is hand selected investment properties and then offer a full management solution. You will get monthly reports on each property and we could give you a monthly combined report as your portfolio grows.

Do you have Buy-to let property investments for sale?

Yes we do have great deals for sale that give you excellent Return on investment. 

We specialise in sourcing very rare deals for our Property Investment club members. we call them rare butterfly deals because they rarely fall into your lap

 Click here for a  sneak preview.

These property deals are available to our  club members.

Find out more about our Premium Investors Club here 

Debt: I do not like to make debt at all – I prefer to invest cash. After reading your articles I am thinking of using the banks money. 

Yes it is best to use other peoples money. By this we mean the bank's money. By using the bank's money you will get to your financial-freedom target a lot quicker.

The basic buy to rent premise is that you use the bank's money to buy the property, and the tenant's money to pay for it. And you get to own the property and collect rental income forever!

We offer property coaching to help you get to your goal quickly while avoiding the many pitfalls that wait for new investors to fall into. [click here]

Eg: If you bought 1 unit for R 1 million and paid cash, you would get a cash return of R 8 000 is per month and you would gain value of about 10% per year ( i.e. R 100 000 wealth growth plus your rental income of R 96 000 for 12 months = R 196 000 in year 1 )

If you bought 10 units of R 600 000 each (like the Telford units in our hot deals list), put in R 100 000 on each property, your cashflow in would be approximately neutral per month in the first year and your wealth will grow by 10% per unit per year i.e. 10 times R 60 000 per year (R 600 000 growth in year 1).

Your rental income then increases in year two and bond repayments stay approximately the same. As time progresses the tenants pay off your bonds, you get increased cashflow and the benefit of a whole portfolio of properties growing in value.

What are the best areas for Buy to Let Property Investment  in South Africa

Buy-to-let property investment in South Africa can be a great way to generate passive income and build wealth over time. The Gauteng province is one of the best places to invest in buy-to-let property, and the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Midrand  and Sandton are the best areas in Gauteng for buy-to-let property investment.

Why invest in buy-to-let property in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Sandton?

  • High demand: The northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Midrand are home to a large number of businesses, corporations, and wealthy individuals. This means that there is a high demand for rental properties in these areas.
  • Strong rental yields: Rental yields in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Sandton are some of the highest in South Africa. This means that you can generate a good return on your investment, especially if you use bond finance on your property.
  • Capital growth: Property prices in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Sandton have historically grown faster than the overall property market in South Africa. This means that you can potentially make a good profit on your investment over the long term.
  • Low risk: The northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Sandton are relatively low-risk investment areas. This is because they are not subject to the whims of individual industries such as government use, farming, tourism and mining.


If you are looking for a safe and profitable investment, I highly recommend considering buy-to-let property investment in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and Sandton.

Click here for some prime examples 

 These areas are in high demand, and landlords can command high rents. Additionally, these areas are not subject to the whims of individual industries such as tourism and mining. This makes them very robust investment areas.

How to invest in Buy to let Property Investment South Africa property with no money 

Yes it is possible to invest in Buy to Let property with no money in South Africa. There are first time home loans available for those who have never owned a house in South Africa. Start learning today with our free course here on how to invest safely in buy to let  properties. 

Are 100 % bonds available

Yes they are, if you qualify.

I did  a video on this subject [click here]

The information we would need to see if you qualify are;

1) What are your monthly earnings?

2) Are you self-employed or do you get a salary?

3) What are your current debt repayments ( clothing accounts, credit cards etc.)?

4) Do you own any property and if so what and how large are your bonds?

If I decide to fund my investment using the banks money – what kind of cash flow do I need to budget for?

Go to the investor toolkit page, which is found in the Organic Growth Investors Club members area on our website and download the Cashflow calculator.

If you buy a small townhouse with 100% bond finance, you can expect a shortfall of around R 1000 per month in the first year. This should decrease every year until after about 5 or 6 years, you will start earning a profit every month as rental will be higher than your monthly costs.