Organic Growth Affiliate Programme

Where you can make money with very little effort

As you know, money doesn't grow on trees

Make some money while making it happen for others

How would you like to pay your deposit for your next townhouse with your affiliate income?

  • We show you exactly how to do this through our affiliate programme
  • Not just once, but over and over again
  • No sales skills required

Imagine being able to help your family and friends with quality investment opportunities that will grow their wealth for years to come?

Two Affiliate Options:

There is a paid version where you keep earning commission no matter how many townhouses your lead buys and then there is free version where you only earn commission on their first deal. 

Free Affiliate Program

  • A R3 000 commission will be paid to you once the deal has been transferred.
  • No registration or monthly club fees
  • Once off commission on your lead's first deal 

Premier Affiliate Program

  • A R2 000 commission to be paid to you when the transfer has gone through on each propery your lead purchases.
  • You need to join the Organic Growth Premier Club in order to qualify as a Premier Affiliate
  • Premier Club Member fee of $6.99 per month
  • Ongoing commissions of R2 000 for every property your lead buys.
  • You earn every time the people you introduce buy properties through our Premier Club
  • Register as many people as you want. There are no limits!

Free Affiliate

Earn commission on the first property your lead buys.

Unlimited leads


  • R3000 on first deal only
  • No further commission for that lead

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel affiliate membership


Premium Affiliate

Keep earning commissions on all properties your lead buys.

Unlimited leads


  • R2 000 per deal on all their deals, no matter how many properties they purchase.

Premier Club Membership Benefits

  • To become a Premium Affiliate you will need to be a Premier Club Member.  
  • Once you become a club member you will receive all the benefits of Premium Club member
  • Access to our exclusive Members area and Facebook group. 
  • Great Deals
  • Discounted Property Management
  • Property Coaching
  • Access to exclusive Property Investment training.
  • Access to the Organic Growth Investor Tool Box

$6.99 / month

You already a Premier Club Member? 

If you are already a Premier Club Member, simply register as an affiliate below


Terms and Conditions. Please read before applying

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