Boston explosion rocks the World!

The Boston explosion has rocked America and the world…

Remember when the Wimpy bars and night clubs were blowing up in SA in the 80’s and we wondered how it would ever end?

As a Wits Student in 1983 I walked past a Johannesburg Wimpy ten minutes before it was blown up…for me, it was personal!

At that time a three bedroom townhouse in Bryanston, Sandton would have cost you under  R100 000 Today that same townhouse would be worth around R2,6 million and would be generating a rental income of around R20 000 per month.

Aren’t you sorry that you didn’t buy one back in 1983 with the bank’s money?  If you had, by now your tenants would have paid it off and you would be earning a monthly annuity income of R20 000!

You would be a debt free multi-millionaire, retired or spending that money on lavish annual overseas trips or realising your dream of  a holiday home in Plettenberg Bay.

… and all this with a purchase of one townhouse back in 1983 while the bombs were going off.

If you want to find out how do this in a very simple and practical way, we can show you how.


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