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covid 19 update

Covid 19 Level 4 [Moving] South Africa Update 

Good News

Agents are permitted to conduct incoming and outgoing inspections as well as hand over and collect keys. Under very specific conditions during the special allowance for moving.

Watch this short video update:

Click [here] for more detail on tenant and owner relocation movement.

"Tenants who are permitted to relocate will require a handover of keys to the premises, as legally required in terms of the Rental Housing Act (RHA). Landlords and tenants could arrange to perform the handover of keys at the premises and ensure proper social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment."

Disaster Management Act, Regulations
Table 1 Alert Level 4

Part H: Financial and Business Services

2. Essential Financial Services may operate,… only when the operation of a place of business or entity is necessary to continue to perform those services:
ii. the payments environment

9. Other professional services may operate only where work-from-home is not possible, and only to support other Alert Level 4 services

(Special thanks to TPN [Tenant Profile Network] who have been invaluable in updating South African Agents.)

Estate Agents 

If you are an agent, this is how to get properly authorized to complete incoming ad outgoing inspections as well as hand over and collect keys. 

Step one: Register your company with [here]  CIPC as an ESSENTIAL SERVICES PROVIDER

Step two; The head of the estate agency must download a form [here], complete the form and give it to the estate agent to perform the essential service.

That's it for today's update! 

About the Author Neil Vorster

Neil Vorster is a property investment coach, investment author and co-founder of Organic Growth. Aerobatics pilot and cycling nut.

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