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99 Year Lease -Let the Buyer Beware

Buy-to-let investment property in South Africa

Buy-to-let investment property in South Africa: Everything you need to know

Buy-to-let investment property is the purchase of a property with the intention of renting it out to tenants. It is a popular investment strategy in South Africa, as it can provide a regular income and has the potential for capital growth. If you are considering investing in buy-to-let

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a time to buy

Making Millions in Property Investment Timing : A Time to Buy and a Time to Sell

In the world of Property Investment Timing, there's a timeless adage that echoes through the corridors of financial wisdom: "Buy low and sell high."There is a Time to Buy and a Time to SellThis It might sound like a simple enough principle, but when it comes to property

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buy to let property investment

Money Grows on Trees: The Fruitful Path of Buy to Let Property Investment

Is Buy to Let Rental Property Profitable in South Africa?When it comes to making smart financial choices, exploring the realm of property investment often takes center stage. If you're wondering whether rental property is a profitable venture in South Africa, particularly in the context of buy to let

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always be investing

Why You Must Always Be Investing in Property: 15 Reasons to Consider

As Robert Kiyosaki, the acclaimed author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," wisely stated,  wealthy individuals are always looking for ways to spend their money on  assets that pay them while they sleep. I call this the Always be Investing philosophy. ABILet money work for you, rather than working for

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