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With our unique approach to Property Investment discovery and acquisition we can guarantee you a 40% savings on your next Buy To Let investment in the one of best areas in South Africa.

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Are You Shocked By Property Prices Out There?

Always compare apples with apples. And the way to compare properties is primarily based on Price Per Square Meter (PPSM) of properties of similar location. 

We are comparing PPSM for properties within a 1 km radius of the Mall of Africa in Midrand - one of the best Buy to Let cities in the world.

The next comparative metric is size.

Most developers seem to go out of their way to hide the actual size of a property - they will advertise them as 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom units and exclude the actual size in square meters.

They do this to hide the PPSM which is the primary comparative metric used by skilled Buy To Let investors. 

Their glossy brochures rely on pretty pictures to give the illusion that the living space is larger than reality. 

The purpose designed furniture to fits within the apartment to make it appear spacious with little or no regard for normal sized furniture,  like a "doll house" or "mini town".  

Why spend R3 million on a 2 bedroom apartment that wont even fit your queen or king sized bed? 

Investment Opportunities

Once you know both LOCATION and SIZE, you can start to compare the various investment properties. 

Prices range from R 17 000 per square meter to R 40 000 per square meter for a  small 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Buy To Let townhouse within 1 km of the Mall of Africa. 

Traditional new townhouse developments in this area sell for R17 000 per square meter, while the 99 year leasehold Waterfall properties sell for R40 000 per square meter. 

We have sourced buy to let units for you at Prices of R 10 500 per square meter, where you actually OWN the title deed and are not subject to Landlord.

Imagine investing in a property and you think you own and your only find out that you are a permanent tenant. 

Mall of Africa buy to let properties


We have good news for you

  • PRICE - We source great properties at a 40% to 74% saving on the current market prices of buy to let units for sale in the same area.
  • POSITION - Own a townhouse within 1 km of THE MALL OF AFRICA, the largest shopping mall in Africa and  the fantastic modern upmarket mixed use precinct, WATERFALL CITY.
  • MARKET DEMAND - The letting market around Waterfall City is under extreme pressure as every office worker and shop assistant needs a place to stay! 
  • OWNERSHIP - Own your own property. We only deal in actual ownership. Many of the buy to let deals in Midrand/Waterfall are Leasehold (which means you are a permanent tenant), not outright Ownership (which means you you get your title deed with your name on it)
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - Avoid falling into the trap of buying off-plan or new units. What you see is what you get. Why pay 'new" prices, and as soon as your tenant moves in youown a second hand property. 
  • REPUTATION - Buy into a complex with an Established Body Corporate with an established financial track record. New developments are run by brand new body corporates comprising of a number of inexperienced first time home owners who make mistakes and can easily double your levy as they experiment with your money. 

Own The Best Buy-To-Let Real Estate In the Country

Why pay 3 to 4 times more for Buy to Let investment?

Remember, stock is very limited

What Makes Our Buy To Let Offers So Unique?

Property Investment Coaching

Maximise your investments! For investors looking to establish or fine tune their property investment strategy, Organic Growth provide individualised property coaching to enable you to retire early and well. 

Suited For You

We make sure your best interests are looked after.

Is your investment secure? [Title Deed ownership !!!]

Affordability - we assess your affordability and credit record if required, to ensure you don't over commit or waste time applying for bonds that you wont get.

Best Price

With more than 35 years of experience in property investment, we are able to identify potential opportunities and threats that regular developers and estate agents don't even consider or will never disclose. 

Managed Portfolio Service

We take the hassle out of Buy to Let property investment  ownership. Your carefully screened tenant will not be calling you on a Saturday evening with a burst geyser! We source and screen tenants, and manage all aspects of your property if required.

74% Saving On Buy To Let Properties

We have a truly unique method of sourcing properties for you.

The great news is that we get you the best properties in the best areas without you having to pay the extra-ordinary prices of new or off-plan developments and 99 Year Leases.

The market discount rate currently runs from between 38% and 74% for apartments in the immediate vicinity of the Mall of Africa which is the center of new property development in Gauteng. 

We have secured properties at R10 500 per square meter and less while current developments in Midrand are selling at between R17 000 and R40 000 per square meter. (you might already have seen their ad campaigns)


Neil vorster

Many of the competing developments in Waterfall, Midrand do not offer REAL property ownership - they are only able to offer 99 Year Leases, which are fraught with risk.

Imagine "buying" a property only to realise that you are a tenant and that your landlord has the right to cancel your 99 year lease because of a levy default, or because of something your sub-tenant has done wrong?

Before you buy - Look at our comparative table below 

The obvious thing that stands out from this table are the deals on offer at a minimum of 38% discount on the ownership option and a whopping 74% on the Leasehold deals offered in Waterfall. 

Own The Best Buy-To-Let Real Estate In the Country

Why pay 3 to 4 times more for Buy to Let investment?

Remember, stock is very limited

Hi, I'm Neil Vorster

I have over 30 years experience in the property market and 20 years as an active investor. I will personally help you find the property that suits your investment needs. 

I will find the best value for money and return on investment based on current Buy to Let property for sale in the best location for Buy to Let investments in South Africa. 

Someone else has paid that property for me...

"For many years, Neil and I have shared a passion - aviation.
However, during conversations with Neil, I gradually became aware that he had another passion - property, and more specifically, property to rent.
Then one day, Neil started sharing with me this second passion of his - and I was hooked.
Organic Growth it is an exciting venture, and I trust that through it, Neil will coach many more people to do the same."
"Sounds almost criminal, I’m buying a property and one day it will be totally mine without a bond on it and someone else has paid that property for me.
It’s an unbelievable thought, but it works!
It is absolutely effortless – which is managed by Neil and Targer Realty.
All I do is sit back and watch it all happening."

Brian Davidson
Randburg South Africa

I have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing

"Property can be intimidating if it isn’t an area in which you work.

Neil has been instrumental in helping me to build a portfolio of properties that are producing excellent results.

I have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing."

Graham Wolfson
Johannesburg South Africa

Location - Location - Location

Location - The three most important factors in property investment 

robert kiyosaki- property investment expert

"The location is more important than the property!

Waterfall City in Midrand, is literally the centre of residential development in Gauteng, the financial heart of sub-saharan Africa. 

The demographics of the area allowed the construction of the largest mall in Africa in one single phase, together with more than 250 000 of triple A-Grade offices.

Location like this is hard to beat! 

There is only one problem…

Stock is extremely limited, so we are allowing a maximum of 2 units per client on a first come first service basis.

Why pay 3 to 4 times more for Buy to Let investment? 

There is no one else in the market like Organic Growth

We are truly unique in that we offer Buy to Let properties for sale in South Africa in the best location for the highest return on investment in the country at the most competitive prices. 

Where else can you find Buy to Let properties as a 74 % discount to the going market price?

Own The Best Buy-To-Let Real Estate In the Country

Why pay 3 to 4 times more for Buy to Let investment?

Remember, stock is very limited

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 99 year lease the same as outright purchase of a buy to let investment property? I heard Waterfall is all 99 year leasehold property.

If you read the developer's literature online, they will tell you that Buying and a 99 year lease are the same, except for the benefit of saving on transfer fees.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

When you buy a property you become the owner. You possess a title deed proving that you are the owner. Your sale cannot be cancelled! 

However having read the 99 year leasehold  agreement, the land owner is forever your landlord. You are forever his tenant - not the property Owner. 

The lease agreement has a number of clauses spanning a number of pages defining how and when the landlord can CANCEL your lease. 

In South Africa before 1994 when people of colour were not permitted to own property, a 99 year lease was the primary method of providing black people some kind of "ownership".  There is no reason to enter into such an arrangement in 2023, when all race groups are entitled to own property. 

Where are the best Buy to Let properties in South Africa? Where are the best investment areas in South Africa?

That is a fantastic question because, the location of a property is much more important than the property itself. You can always do something to a property, like renovate, repaint, even rebuild, but you can never move it. The Location is completely fixed, so it is imperative that you get the location right.

The way to discover if the location is as good as possible, one needs to look not only at the current demographics like work opportunities, schools, churches, transport and entertainment, but you need to get  a clear understanding of whether the area is growing or decaying. For example Midrand is a growing city perfectly placed halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is these demographic factors that have enable the developers of Waterfall City to build the largest mall of Africa in one shot. Most large malls are built and expanded in phases as the demographics change and allow the growth.

Once you have discovered a node of this significance, the idea is to own buy to let property as close as possible to the epicenter of new growth.

In Waterfall City are there opportunities to buy property for rental income?

Yes, there are opportunities to purchase buy to let units for rental income very close to the mall of Africa, but you need to be careful to ensure that you are able to own the property.

Most of the residential property developments in the area are not for sale. They are offered on a long lease ( 99 Year lease). This is NOT ownership. If you buy one of these, you will save on transfer fees (because it never gets transferred to you) and you will forever be a tenant.

Granted you can sublet the property as a Rent-to-sub-rent (as opposed to buy to let) but you are exposed to the potential of your lease being cancelled and losing all your money.

The other problem I have found is that these 99 year lease properties are very very expensive, and the buy to let investment numbers are terrible.

 I believe these 99 year lease properties are OK for the wealthy who want an upmarket city lifestyle and are prepared to pay for it.

Is it a good time for buy to let property in South Africa in 2023?

Property markets move in cycles and it is important to work out where we are in the cycle. There are boom times when the prices seem to be going up every month and unless you catch it early, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement  lose money by overpaying.

The time to buy is when there is doom and gloom in the market. When there is "blood in the streets" 

Our last residential property peak in South Africa was in 2008 just before the international banking crisis. After this time it was very difficult to obtain property finance and the prices stagnated and even dropped for a few years.

By 2018/2019 the property values  in South Africa were recovering nicely with a few hiccoughs (Like the land claim fears) but then Covid hit and effected the whole economy.

Initially after Covid, residential property values dropped slightly, but then stabilized quickly.  

Commercial property was hit  hard  while everyone left their office to work from home, which in effect caused a demand in good quality residential property.

When you adjust property prices for inflation over the last 10 years, residential property prices are currently hugely undervalued -  a STEAL.  

Since 2008,  the while demand has been increasing, but development has slowed, causing an imbalance in the supply and demand ratios.

I believe that residential property is grossly undervalued at present and the "wise money" investors are scooping up as many properties as their banks will pay for.  

Where are the best places to buy property in Johannesburg in 2023.

When looking for a good location to buy residential investment property, you must look at growth potential and where your tenants are going to work and play over the next 20 or 30 years.

All the upmarket growth is in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Sandton  and sections of Midrand that are not alongside Tembisa.

The area around Waterfall City is by far the best area for future growth!

Is a Buy to Let property business a good idea?

I personally believe it is a fantastic business. It is easily the safest business to invest in.

How many business do you find where you invest other people’s money ( bank loans) and find customers to pay the bank back. And you own the property

Our many articles on this website testify to this, but if you want a short answer…

Ask your banker these questions,

  • Will you fund my retail business?
  • Will you fund my art business?
  • Will you fund my restaurant?
  • Will you fund my furniture restoration business?
  • Will you fund my educational business?
  • Will you fund my Crypto Portfolio?
  • Will you fund my JSE Shares portfolio?

In all these cases you will be laughed at unless you can prove to the bank that you don’t really need their money anyway.

However, as a new employee who has only worked for 3 or 4 months, you can easily obtain 100% finance to begin your buy to let property business.

They call it a first time buyers homeloan.

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