Investment Property Coaching that will change your life

How serious are you about saving yourself a lot of money and heartache?

Let me help you on your journey to financial freedom through Investment property coaching. 

How to leverage bond finance to build your personal property portfolio.

How to protect your portfolio with an Organic Growth Trust, designed to save on Taxation and provide generational protection of your hard earned wealth from estate duties and creditors. 

- neil vorster

Steps To Wealth Creation In Property 

Are you prepared to invest in yourself to ensure success?

Let me help you kick-start your investment strategy into high gear and avoid the pitfalls along the way.

I help you as a property investor to buy the correct properties in the correct areas for the correct price, then I show you how to manage and grow your personal portfolios for maximum growth.

We show you how to protect your portfolio with an Organic Growth Trust, designed to  provide generational protection of your hard earned wealth from Tax, Estate Duties and Creditors.

I will help you to clarify and prioritise your focus so that you can make more money and work a lot less and make less of those costly and unnecessary mistakes.

Two Coaching Options
With Neil Vorster

Option 1

Blueprint Planning

A 2 hour Property Investment Blueprint coaching and training session. To workout your Property Investment Blueprint.

Option 2

Strategic Coaching

We’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision for the kind of property investments you require.

Watch the short Video below to see how the coaching works 

Blueprint Planning session (2 hrs)

Step 1

We’ll work together to establish where you currently are in your property investment journey

Step 2

I'll spend time training you on the property investment fundamentals to help you establish:

  • Property - the best type of investment properties
  • Place - the best locations for investment
  • Price - how to calculate investment returns and pay the right price
  • Plan - how to plan your portfolio acquisitions with respect to affordability and finance

Step 3

We'll quantify the size and type of property portfolio you will require to meet your goals

Step 4

You'll leave with a Property Investment Blueprint Plan to reach your personal financial freedom goal.

Strategic Coaching Session (45 min)

Step 1

We’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision for the kind of property investments you require.

Step 2

I will help you uncover hidden challenges and pitfalls that may sabotage your success or are already doing so.

Step 3

We'll assess your existing portfolio of properties and consider your options.

Step 4

We'll discuss your current challenges and help you make informed decisions.

Step 5

And you’ll leave the session renewed, and inspired to finally overcome your fears and stumbling blocks and begin the rewarding challenge of building a personal property portfolio to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Coaching That Brings Results

Client saves 20%-25% on her first Buy-to-Let property purchase in her Strategic Coaching session

Strategic Coaching session

Simple, and motivating





  • 45 minute session - In person in Sandton or via Zoom  
  • Discover where you on the wealth creation journey
  • Assess your current portfolio
  • Develop a Clear vision and be motivated to move forward
  • Get specialised property advise before making that  potentially costly decision 

Booking Process: 

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2 - After payment you will be redirected through to our booking page to choose a coaching time slot and the type of appointment (Face to face  or Zoom ) . 

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Investment Property Coaching

Neil Vorster

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