Legal Property FAQ

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Legal Property FAQ

Organic Growth’s  legal property expert Gerhard Faurie from Faurie Nell Inc has provided some commonly asked legal property questions and answers.

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Q:  If I buy property, in whose name will it be registered?

Q:  What is a mortgage bond?

Q:  Are there costs involved in obtaining a bond?

Q:  Are there costs involved in the transfer of the new property into the name of the purchaser?

Q:  Are there costs involved in the cancellation of an existing bond?

Q:  Why does it take so long to have a property registered in the name of the new owner?

Q:  What can I do to expedite the transfer procedure?

Q:  What is a “subject to” transaction?

Q:  How do I handle a dispute in the transaction?

Q:  What qualifies as a “cash” transaction?

Q:  When does the seller’s liability end and the purchaser’s commence?