Membership Options

Club Membership Options

Organic Growth Investment Club offers two levels of Club Membership

The first level is  Free Membership which is completely Free while the second level, Premier Membership,  is a paid monthly membership.

1. Free Membership:

FREE Club Membership  what you get when you download our Property Investment 101 eBook and subscribe to Organic Growth.

This service is entirely free and provides you with;

  • Property and finance investment training material
  • State-of-the-market news emails from time to time
  • Property investment related special offers

This information will be emailed to you weekly.

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2. Premier Membership

As a paid monthly Premier member to our Investors Club, you will enjoy extra benefits as listed below.

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  • Automatic inclusion as an Organic Growth Subscriber
  • Access to our hand selected Great Property deals
  • Access to hand selected property deals sourced for you by Neil Vorster
  • Access to our Exclusive Premier Club Membership Facebook group
  • Discounted property management and leasing services from Targer Realty, our associate real estate company
  • Discounted legal services from our affiliated legal firms
  • Free access to legal and investment question and answer service
  • Free investor tools (cashflow calculators, purchase checklists etc )

Join as a Premier Member and enjoy all the benefits of property coaching, hand selected investment properties, discounted related services such as property management, legal and accounting services.

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