Nodal Analysis

Nodal Analysis


Discover how to establish the best  residential investment nodes in any country and city in the world.

  • This course will show you  how cities develop and produce nodes of commercial development which in turn catalyse residential development
  • A Google Earth  case study uncovers the tip of the decade, a prime residential investment  node in Gauteng, South Africa
  • Save hours and even days of driving around trying to figure out where to invest – do most of the research from the comfort of your PC
  • Don’t take an estate agent/realtor’s  word for it, check the locational investment fundamentals yourself.




How many times have you heard that phase?

Location is absolutely essential when investing in property.

Robert Kiyosaki says that the location of your property is more important than the property itself. He speaks the truth.

If location is so important, how does one tell a good location from a bad one?

Who do you ask?

Can your local realtor answer your questions accurately, untainted by their self-interest. (Obviously they want you to buy in ‘their’ area in general, and their most recent property on their books in particular)

We’re about to show you the one secret that virtually all investors and realtors ignore or fail to use.

Why?  Not because it’s complicated, expensive, or cumbersome and impossible to implement:   but simply because of ignorance.

They simply  don’t know.

It may be the most overlooked strategy in real estate investing!

Successful investors often stumble on a good area, or find out from their network of local investors that an area is good. Can you afford the gamble?

What is the science behind identifying a good location?

Can you rely on science, or do you have to rely on trial and error or simply blind luck?

Dear Investor

An accountant I know fairly well had seen through his clients financials, that property can be a great wealth generator. He realised too that residential property offers the added benefit of almost 100% bank financing. So all he had to do was work out the cashflows, and bingo he would be in the money! He looked at buying property in a nearby suburb, Boksburg, and the numbers looked good.

A few chats to local estate agents assured him that the properties were rentable and the properties in question were at market related prices.

What he didn’t do is ask an experienced residential investor’s advice!

He bought 2 or three small properties as a start to his investment portfolio. After a number of years of terribly slow rental growth he decided to sell, only to find that capital growth had also been abysmal.

His years of hard work and expectation of wealth lay in tatters. Where did he go wrong, he asks? “I bought in a well-established suburb.”

The answer is simple, he unwittingly bought in the wrong area. The suburb he chose was mature, so mature in fact, that it was on the way down, past its sell by date. The property fundamentals that caused the suburb to develop originally had changed. The nearby mining industry had long since moved away. The early years of prosperity had been replaced by slow degradation of lifestyles and property values.

Another of my friends, a commercial property realtor who knew a bit about property, decided to take the plunge and start investing in residential property in Johannesburg. He had the analytical skills to establish market related rentals and selling prices. He could do the cashflows.

He discovered that a buy to let residential investment in the suburb Windsor, would be ‘cash-flow positive” from day one. He couldn’t believe his luck, he had stumbled on a pot of gold. Anybody with the slightest knowledge of Johannesburg will tell you that the Northern Suburbs are a good place live and own property. How could he lose?

He took the plunge and bought two townhouses in Windsor. And then the trouble started. After a succession of unsuccessful tenant experiences, he discovered some unique problems with Windsor. The area was a local hotbed of illegal immigrants and crime. He is still trying to sell his properties and disheartened, his property portfolio has stopped dead in its tracks.

So what did he do wrong? Windsor is in the Johannesburg Northern suburbs, isnt it?

The root cause of both of these property disasters is ignorance


How do you avoid doing a Boksburg or a  Windsor?

If you are like most of the people I have spoken to or coached, you would love to succeed and be a success story, not a tragic property story.

This means you would need to discover how to tell a good location from a bad one. I have discovered that when you get the location right, the numbers tend to work too.

When you get location right

  • The initial cashflows will tend to agree
  • Rental growth is assured
  • And the clincher, excellent Capital Growth will result.

That is why they say Location, Location, Location

The Nodal Theory Method


We have developed a method that is easy to grasp and simple to use.

  • No more guesswork
  • No more depending on hear-say by biased estate agents
  • Avoid the common errors of choosing the wrong location

A degree in town planning, a property investment course and extensive research may help, but we have an easier way.

Our method will save you days and days of travelling, driving the areas, talking to property agents and managers.

It will save you hours and hours of scouring the internet and plotting possible investment areas on mapbooks.

The only tools you will need are internet access, and a telephone.

This method makes extensive use of Google Earth,  an immensely  popular and  free downloadable application.

Take the guesswork out, discover how cities develop along clearly defined arterials and business nodes. Then use that information to power your investment strategy.

Discover how to “read’ a city.

Discover how to predict the next big growth area, discover the next “purple patch”.

Tip of the decade

In this short course we show you how nodal development theory works and use a real 2014 example and give away an amazing property investment tip.

If you get nothing else out of the course, this tip alone could make you millions!

A practical case study in the course shows you how to identify a location with excellent fundamentals and then combines the theory with local knowledge to expose a veritable “gold mine”.

Get the course and accelerate your investment strategy immediately with Neil’s tip of the decade.

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