Are You Serious About Investing In Property?

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As a Premium Club Member we provide you with: 

  • Property Investment Education Centre  to further your investment education and hone your asset management skills.
  • Discounted Property Investment Coaching that will help you establish your Property Investment Blueprint. 
  • Discounted Property Management and leasing services from Targer Realty, our associate real estate company. 22% discount.
  • Hand selected great property deals and tenders. We source properties for you! Only properties that pass our Organic Growth Litmus Test are approved.
  • Access to our Private Face Book Group for property investors.

Are you struggling to Source ideal investment properties?

Find help as a Premium Club member

Avoid buying  the wrong property in the wrong place at the wrong price as so many investors do! 

We are here to help you find your way through the clutter and noise out there. To simply build your ideal property portfolio with the least amount of hassle possible.

We source properties for you and/or provide deal by deal property purchase assistance (Due Diligence) with full Return on Investment analysis (ROI) reports to help you make a quality informed decision.

Formal property coaching as well as deal-by-deal coaching is available. We help you develop your property portfolio blue print to match your goals and dreams of  future financial well being and security. 

“Remember you are not on your own, we hold your hand right through the entire process to make it as painless and as profitable as possible.”
  • Great Deals
  • Investor Learning Centre
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Video Training
  • Property Coaching
  • Investor Tool Box

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Join the Organic Growth Premium Club  and get the following benefits:

Great Deals

We only promote great deals and make them available exclusively to our Premium Club Members.

These are not always easy to find, but getting the right deals at the right price are worth the wait. 

We will source  the right property in the right location at the right price  for you to build a sustainable and profitable property portfolio.

Property Coaching

Deal-by-deal coaching where we  walk you through  a full due diligence while providing you with ROI cashflows  and  video of each property. 

Having someone like Neil Vorster at hand  to help you avoid major pitfalls is very valuable and will help you to sleep peacefully through the process.

Discounted Property Management

After selecting the correct property. Property Management is your next most critical success factor in building a profitable portfolio.

Targer Properties successfully manages over 200 buy to let properties with very low vacancies and non-payments.

Targer Properties offer a  substantial Club Member  discount  to all Organic Growth Premium Club Members

Exclusive Facebook Group

Avoid the lonely investment journey. Join other newbie and successful investors alike on this journey. 

 This is private forum where you can safely ask questions of your peers while sharing your investment advice with others in their walk to financial freedom.

"It's absolutely effortless..."

"All my properties are managed by Neil and Targer Realty. All I do is sit back and

watch it all happen."

- Brian Davidson (Airline Pilot) Randburg, South Africa

What do I get as a PREMIUM CLUB Member?

Ball by Ball Coaching

OG Litmus Test

Property Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

"You get the real numbers so you can make a quality decision"

In this analysis we will look at, Capital and rental growth factors,  bond payments, plus all expenses such as  transfers costs,  levies, rates,  property management fees , leasing fees, etc.

Compare ROI on differing levels of bond finance.

Get the bottom line before you buy!

HD Video of the property and complex

Hassle free properties

Your don’t have to go out and look for properties and won’t have to waste your time with unprofessional estate agents who don’t understand property investment.

A due diligence video of the property and the complex is emailed to you before you say yes to it..

 Location, location, location - your coach has checked out the land and knows the territory

Monthly Reports 

Annual Tax Reports

Knowing that your assets are secure

Your cashflow is secure

Your properties are being properly maintained

Annual tax report ( all income and expenses ) to hand to your tax consultant.

Facebook Private Group Access

Once you are a Premium Club Member you have access to our exclusive Facebook group.

Be a  part of a peer group of like minded dynamic investors, all growing and learning together on this investment journey.

No matter how experienced you are,  we can all  benefit hugely by collective group wisdom and knowledge.

How It All Works...

"Organic Growth Premium Club Featured Benefits"

Exclusively available to Organic Growth Premium  Club members:

  • Investor Education Centre - become a seasoned asset manager 

  • Information and investor video blogs 
  • Overviews of Investor nodes in Johannesburg and Gauteng
  • Additional training videos are being added to the website members area all the time
  • Webinar archives o fall our training and topical webinars

    Investor Club Tool Box

    Some really great tools designed for the residential property investor such as,

  • OG Litmus Test Investment Analyser worth R845 
  • Investor acquisition checklist. This valuable tool can save you a fortune. 
  • Transfer costs calculator
  • Draft sale agreement for your use as required
  • Draft Lease agreement for your use as required

Please note, Organic Growth is NOT an estate agency. We are here to coach, assist and facilitate your investment portfolio.

Organic Growth assist and coach you through your investment in the following ways

Organic Growth will from time to time source properties through our network of agencies and offer them directly to you, the Premium Club members, using our unique tender process - these are the famous hand selected GREAT DEALS!

Part of our motivation in sourcing Great Deals for our club members is to show you how we select and access great investor deals.

We show you how the macro and micro location, type of property, rental incomes, cashflows and running of the complexes all contribute to an accurate assessment of a deal.

Organic Growth will then aid with your sale, coach and assist you through the entire due diligence process and charge a fee of 1% of the purchase price for our efforts. This fee is payable on signed acceptance of an offer by the seller.

The  Organic Growth due diligence includes:

We open a shared drop box folder for each property that will give you access to all the information mentioned below.

Your Acquisition Check List for you to complete to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the sales process.

We will help you collate and check the necessary documents i.e. copies of the sales agreement, lease agreement if applicable, levy accounts, rates accounts, body corporate rules and financials.

 HD property videos  of the  complex and the inside of the unit allow you to buy property remotely.  YouTube video links are added to the acquisition check list for your reference.

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All these now for only:

R119 per month:

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Why should you be a Premium Member?  

 Avoid these mistakes now watch this short video from Neil Vorster.

There are many more more mistakes so join now avoid the many pitfalls there are in property investment.

Avoiding just one of the many mistakes will more than cover your membership fee. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership cancelation work?

You can cancel at anytime. Once you cancel the next payment will not go through on your credit card. 

You now no longer have access to the Members area and benefits. 

How will I know when new content is added?

You will be personally emailed each time new content is added. 

You are welcome to send Neil questions for him to address in the coming videos

How often is content added?

There will be new exclusive content on a monthly or maybe even more than once a month. 

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Exclusive Video Training
  • Investor Tool Box
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Great Deals
  • Property Coaching

All these now for only:

R119 per month:

Get Instant Access to PREMIUM Membership!

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