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Buy to Let Investment System

Taking the hassle and risk out of property investment

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Property In A Box

We offer a complete property investment solution: We can source, select, purchase, lease and manage your investment properties for you.

We'll take the sweat, hassle and guesswork out of property investment 

  • Grow you wealth
  • Retire early
  • Gain financial freedom

Property investment is for you if you fit into one of these following groups;

No Early Retirement Plan?

You are sitting in a job, and you don’t have an early retirement plan, or

You have no retirement plan whatsoever in place

How do I Pay For My Children's Education?

You have small children who are going to need tertiary education.

Proper private high school education is essential and then comes, college and university!

No Retirement For You?

You are in your 40’s or 50’s and you are discovering that your current investments aren’t going to enable you to retire with your current lifestyle. Or worse still you realise that you are not going to be able to stop working

You Need Passive Income?

You are working hard, making good money, and realise that you are going to have to keep on working hard to maintain your lifestyle.

You need passive income to replace your current income.

You Have An Investment Syndicate?

You are part an investment syndicate, or

You are looking to form a property investment syndicate to build a property portfolio.

You have A Retirement Trust?

You manage a retirement trust or deceased estate, and

You need to stabilise and grow the income by building a  property  portfolio.

There are two types of people reading this


You are the DIY (Do It Yourself) type person who does things yourself, like the person who fixes your own car…. You spend years developing the skills and know-how through making mistakes, getting your hands dirty, courses etc.

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You are the DFM (Do it For Me) type person. The person who likes to know a bit about your car, but you take it to the expert mechanic for repairs.

You don’t have the time to read the books, get your hands dirty, do the courses, and learn the new skills, but would rather hire an expert to do it for you.

You are the kind of person who gets on with making a living and enjoying your life.

Property in a Box is for you. . . READ ON BELOW

Property In A Box

property investment in a box

An Expert Team to:

  • Set up a bullet proof investment ownership structure
  • Find and select great investment properties for you
  • Help you make the offers to purchase
  • Help you raise the finance
  • Investigate the properties properly
  • Collect your rent
  • Manage your whole property portfolio

5 Powerful Components of Property In A Box

1.  A Coach with Over 25 Years Of Property Experience

Neil Vorster
  • Reduce your risk through my knowledge, expertise
  • Ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of property investment
  • No need to go through hours and hours of training material
  • No need to pay for courses
  • No more DIY property investment disaster stories

2.  Hand Selected Properties

  • Hassle free properties
  • Don’t have to go out and look for properties
  • Won’t have to waste your time with unprofessional estate agents don’t understand property investment
  • A due diligence video of each property is emailed to you
  • Location, location, location - your coach has checked out the land and knows the territory

3.  Property Ownership Structuring

The Manual

A simple step by step manual. To maintain your asset holding structure and protect your assets

  • You get a property investment blueprint which includes a wealth creation plan for you and your family
  • Save thousands on taxes
  • Save hundreds of thousands avoiding the death penalty (estate taxes)
  • Avoid the 35 pitfalls of poorly established and managed trusts
  • Benefit of our team of legal, tax and property experts who combine to provide a balanced solution that works.

4.  A Safety Net

The Bank

The bank does a full risk analysis on:

  • The area
  • The property
  • Your personal affordability 

Your Property Coach

  • Watching over your shoulder on a deal by deal basis
  • Overseeing the pitfalls, contracts and legal issues
  • Helping you develop your property investment blue print 

5.  Property Management Solution

  • We take the hassle out of property management
  • Sleep peacefully knowing that you aren’t going to get that frantic Saturday night call

No Frantic Saturday night calls from your tenants

Sleep peacefully - knowing that you assets are being taken care of

  • Your cashflow is secure
  • Properties are being properly maintained
  • Monthly reporting on your properties

Annual tax report (all income and expenses) to hand to your tax consultant

This Is What Organic Growth Can Do For You

With property in a box an expert team will help you:

  • Set up a proper investment ownership structure
  • Find and select great investment properties for you
  • Help you make the offers and raise the finance
  • Investigate the properties properly before purchase
  • Find your tenants
  • Maintain the properties
  • Manage your whole portfolio

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Do not waste any more time and money paying "school Fees" when someone else can do it for you. Let Neil Vorster help you.

Property In A Box...

5 Powerful Components

We’ll take the sweat, hassle and guesswork out of property investment

Grow your wealth

Retire Early

Gain Financial Freedom

What Clients Are Saying:

It is absolutely effortless...

Sounds almost criminal, I’m buying a property and one day it will be totally mine without a bond on it and someone else has paid that property for me.

It’s an unbelievable thought, but it works! It is absolutely effortless - which is managed by Neil and Targer Realty. All I do is sit back and watch it all happening.

BRIAN DAVIDSON  //  Randburg

I would never dream of trying it myself...

I am very conservative investor I am not one for the stock market. I wanted something that I felt was fairly solid. I am very happy with the unit that has been purchased for me.

It has been handled very effectively and very efficiently. I am very happy with the service I have received and I am kept up to date with what is happening. I would never dream of trying it myself. 

I am extremely happy to have someone who knows what they doing. My advise, is always go for someone who knows what they are doing. Neil’s guidance is honest and he will tell you the truth.

I am delighted to find someone who I can trust.


It just gives me peace of mind...

I just bought my first property and I am going to buy the next one in the next few months. I know that by keeping this up, I will make sure that my family is well looked after someday and that my kids will be able to go to any university and school that they want to. It just gives me peace of mind.


Being with Organic Growth I know that I will buy the right property and that I won’t sit with a property that no one wants. There is hassle free maintenance and the income comes in every month.


The tenants don’t have my number and they have good staff to sort out any problems. Investing with Organic Growth was quite simple. I would definitely recommend Organic Growth to others.


NEIL VORSTER  //  Property Investment Coach

With 28 years in the ‘property industry’ generally and 17 years directly in the buy to let property investment market, Neil is uniquely positioned to teach, coach and manage residential property investment.

Neil has a fine grasp on how property really works and how to get past the sometimes significant barriers-to-entry in this exclusive buy to let property club.
Neil started off with only one property 17 years ago and now has a sizable personal property portfolio.

Neil  Vorster

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Do not waste any more time and money paying "school Fees" when someone else can do it for you. Let Neil Vorster help you.

Property In A Box...

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