Property investment is one of the safest and most lucrative ways to grow wealth.

Many international independent studies show that the world’s wealthy–almost without exception–made their wealth through property or store and grow their existing wealth through property.

For the man (or woman) in the street who wants to generate wealth safely and securely, direct investment in property is clearly the way to go, BUT HOW?



So, how does one invest in property and avoid the many pitfalls?


property  investment 101 The Property Investment 101 e-book By Neil Vorster  will introduce you to the concepts of property investment though 8 easy steps.

The book attempts to demystify property investment and introduce  property investment to the man-in-the-street.

Whether you are hoping to retire early and well, or using property investment to fund your children’s education: –  This book will get you started. 

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The 8 steps covered in the e-book are;

Step 1:  Deciding to be a property investor

The first step in your investment journey is the quality decision to become a property investor. To achieve this you will need to change your mind set which, in turn, will result in some fundamental changes to your lifestyle–all with a view to helping you to achieve a major life goal.

Step 2:  Developing your property investment blueprint

Vision without a clear strategy will soon result in failure. The objective of this step is to equip you to be able to develop your own property investment blueprint. Specifically, it will assist you to select the right type of property, the right number of properties and the ideal location for each one.

Step 3:  Choosing your property coach

Is property investment coaching really  necessary?  We hope to show you why a property investment coach is necessary and how to select a coach. 

Step 4:  Selecting your investment location

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION ! Given that the location of your property is more important than the property itself, the book will help you to identify and select your investment location.

Step 5: Identifying great investment properties

Investment in residential property offers many options including plots, houses, semi-detached houses, duets, clusters, townhouses, flats and town apartments. The objective of this step is to show you how to select the correct investment with regards to capital growth and rental Income.

Step 6:  Doing the deal

Knowing which property to buy is one thing, securing the deal is a completely different kettle of fish! The objective of this step is to introduce you to the dynamics of the deal. How to do the deal–from structuring your offer to negotiating and concluding the purchase.

Step 7: Property management – choosing your property manager

Not all property managers are equal. This book will help you to, evaluate and appoint your property manager. 

Step 8: Growing your portfolio

This is the fun part.  How to grow your first investment property into a portfolio of properties

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Where to next?

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  • A full 6 hour course, (plus self study homework)
  • Presented by Neil Vorster, the Author of Property Investment 101
  • Available for those who are serious about building a secure healthy property portfolio.
  • A practical in-depth guide to successful implementation of residential property investment.
  • Fine tune your portfolio to significantly exceed normal growth expectations.
  • This course takes the information  and principles presented in the e-book to a new level!

Residential Property Investment 101 Course

Find out how to implement each of these 8 steps in our detailed property investment course for the man in the street.

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