Legal Matters & property transfer costs

Legal matters and property transfer costs

Organic Growth’s  legal property expert Gerhard Faurie from Faurie Nel Inc has provided this valuable information on legal matters plus property transfer costs calculator.

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Bond and transfer costs calculator  Calculate the attorneys costs for bond registration, and property transfer costs.

Eight vital considerations for Sellers Bank bond cancellation costs, your bond access facility, rates taxes and levies, capital gains tax, agents commission, electrical compliance certifications.

Practical for both sellers and buyers  The flow of money when transfer takes place. We look at when to stop paying your bond, rates, electrical compliance certificates and occupation.

Capital Gains Tax on sale of your Immovable Property Don’t make your decisions on a guess, read this and know the truth.

Comparison Capital Gains Tax in repect of common ownership vehicles [PDF] Information tabulated for ease of reference.

CPA – Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 If you are a landlord this is  a must read

Foreigners citizens and Foreign Entities

Amendments to the the Sectional Title Act 95 of 1986

 Municipal Services Canceling and applications of municipal services.

The Seller’s final account [PDF]Use this table to calculate if you may have a shortfall when you sell. All the cancellation costs need to be looked at.

Comprehensive  Estate Agent checklist This document looks at all the matters professional estateg agents need to consider when making a sale.

Conflicting Commissions  Effective cause: Double commission and case law surrounding multiple agent commission claims

CC’s and their Contractual capacity 

Deeds Office  [PDF] We reveal the deep mysteries of the the deeds office with this workflow diagram

Tracking the Transfer [PDF]  Keep track of the transfer process with this easy to read diagram

Company assets disposal, partial and full 

E C C  the electrical Certificate of Compliance New regulations that effect sales

Electric Fence Compliance certificate ECC   the regulations relating to your electrical fence installation

FICA expalined The Financial  Intelligence Centre Act regulations (FICA)

About tenant Fixtures and Fittings

Sectional Title General and Special Levies   Know your rights concerning special levies imposed by body corporates

Sectional Title an update

Instalment Sales Instalment sale agreements explained

Draft  Instalment Sale Agreement

Rates and Taxes Who is liable? can the new purchaser be held liable for old arrears?

How does marital status effect property ownership?

Property sold without its approved plans?  Plans for Property Sold

Options   The difference between Options and rights of first refusal explained.

Property Ownership Vehicles Ownership can be in companies, trusts, partnerships – this table explains the differences for the various options.

Quick Cost Calculator [PDF] Download this table as a quick reference of bond and property transfer  costs

Restraints of Trade How does this effect estate agents?

Sample copy of Johannesburg’s Cancellation of Consumer Agreement [PDF]

Sample copy of Johannesburg’s ECC – Electrical Certificate of Compliance [PDF]

A broad discussion on Subdivision of Land

Transfer Duty  Window Period of exemption :  this period has expired

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