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All property investors have legal property transfer queries but making an appointment with your local property attorney is not always practical and quality information is hard to find.

legal property questions For that reason, our legal property expert Gerhard Faurie from Faurie Nel Inc has endeavoured to provide valuable information on property related matters and answer your questions.


Faurie Nel Inc are a modern and innovative practice who offer an expert team that draw on many years of conveyancing and related property practice.

Organic Growth have found them to be outstanding legal property experts who provide exceptional service in all manner of residential and commercial property conveyancing and related  property transactions. Faurie Nel use the latest electronic technology to keep all parties in the transaction appraised at every step of the property transfer.

They are very helpful and approachable and invite you to refer all your legal property requirements to them.

Their contact details are available on their website

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Legal property FAQs 

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