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Retirement Options available to retiring professionals

If you are approaching 50 or 60 years old and retirement looms , you have some decisions to make.

Living Annuities vs Unit Trusts vs Buy to Let Property 

Assuming you started a business, worked at it for years - made some money along the way and now retirement comes into  view. 


 You have studied long, Worked hard and attacked your career with gusto and feel that you have made a success of your life.

You have a few million Rand available  either from some kind of pension payout,  the sale of your business, investments etc.

Now comes retirement!

It is time to convert your hard earned capital into a monthly income stream.

What are the options?

In this video Neil compares some of the more popular insurance annuity products, managed unit trust portfolios and buy to let property.

You will be shocked ! 

Don't delay any longer, the time to take action is now, before it is too late. This article [click here] will help you on your way.

About the Author Neil Vorster

Neil Vorster is a property investment coach, investment author and co-founder of Organic Growth. Aerobatics pilot and cycling nut.

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