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“Property can be intimidating if it isn’t an area in which you work. As an investor I knew that property could provide excellent medium term growth but was nervous about the myriad regulations and procedures which need to be followed.

Neil has been instrumental in helping me to build a small portfolio of properties that are producing excellent results. An example is the first property I bought in 2001. The townhouse cost about R 150 000 (100% bonded), Targer Realty have ensured that the tenants have faithfully paid my bond and my property is worth R 700 000 today.

This is R550 000 capital growth with zero cash invested! I have been very happy with the professional service that I have received from Targer, and have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing.

Graham Wolfson

London and Johannesburg

“Targer has been managing my property in Craigavon for about seven years now, and I can recommend the company’s services without hesitation.
Whether it’s dealing with a tenant on my behalf, sorting out maintenance issues, dealing with the City of Johannesburg’s imperfect rates department or supplying me with rental income consolidations for my tax return, the Targer team has made my journey as a landlord as painless as possible.
Charles Webster, landlord,
Talavera Estate,
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“ I was referred to Targer several years ago after struggling with tenants for some time.
One call with Neil was sufficient for me to move my entire property portfolio to Targer and I have not looked back since.
I can recommend Targer to any investor-owner who seeks the satisfaction of property management without the hang-ups. Well done to Neil and his team.
Grant Hodgkinson,
Johannesburg and London

Sounds almost criminal, I’m buying a property and one day it will be totally mine without a bond on it and someone else has paid that property for me. It’s an unbelievable thought, but it works! It is absolutely effortless – which is managed by Neil and Targer Realty.

All I do is sit back and watch it all happening.

Brian Davidson



I am very conservative investor I am not one for the stock market. I wanted something that I felt was fairly solid. I am very happy with the unit that has been purchased for me. It has been handled very effectively and very efficiently.

I am very happy with the service I have received and I am kept up to date with what is happing.

I would never dream of trying it myself. I am extremely happy to have someone who knows what they doing. My advise, is always go for someone who knows what they are doing. Neil’s guidance is honest and he will tell you the truth. I am delighted to find someone who I can trust.

Maureen Wolfson



I just bought my first property and I am going to buy the next one in the next few months. I know that by keeping this up, I will make sure that my family is well looked after someday and that my kids will be able to go to any university and school that they want to. It just gives me peace of mind.

Being with Organic Growth I know that I will buy the right property and that I won’t sit with a property that no one wants. There is hassle free maintenance and the income comes in every month.

The tenants don’t have my number and they have good staff to sort out any problems. Investing with Organic Growth was quite simple. I would definitely recommend Organic Growth to others.

Neill Braybrooke


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