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The Best Return on Investment EVER!

"Best Return on Investment" This is quite a bold statement, and I stand by it. 

By Neil Vorster  

This is a 21 year case history ; - My story of my first Buy to Let investment property. The results of this investment exceeded all of my expectations for 21 years and counting.

Watch this video where Warren and I talk through my  journey of a buy-to-let property investment from purchase through to complete ownership. (Fully paid for by the bank and my tenants over twenty years)

A "Hopeless case"

This story starts back in 2001, when I had a single source of income. I was a commercial property broker with JHI and no pension or retirement plans at all.

I was hoping for my big score, my big break that would launch me into the realm of wealthy property investors. But slowly it dawned on me that I needed to change my strategy from hoping-and-praying-and-wishing  to a real workable plan.

Apparently expecting a different outcome while continuing on doing the same thing is called insanity!

It was time to take action. But what should I do? I needed to create and multiply wealth but didn’t have anything to start with. I had no starting capital!

The Solution

My solution became clear,

  • The time was now,
  • Buy an asset without money,
  • Multiply that wealth.


“When there is Blood in the streets - Buy property”

 Wealthy experienced property investors say,  “When there is Blood in the streets buy property”. 

If this was the basis for timing, then my timing was perfect.

 I purchased the property on 5 October 2001 and there literally was blood in the streets.  I bought my property  24 days after 911. 


 The day when the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were hit, killing about 3000 people and throwing the world into a war on terror.

911 blood in the streets buy property

Buying without Money

I went out and found a lovely little 3 bedroomed townhouse in Weltevreden Park (A Johannesburg, North Western suburb).

After doing the monthly cashflow numbers to the best of my ability, I took the plunge.

I bought the property with a “starter-bond”. A starter bond is available to first time home buyers, where they lend you the full purchase price plus the cost of the transfer fees.  ( That is a 110% bond)

Since I lived close to the property and had the experience to source tenants myself, I could do it all myself and no agents fees and property management fees were payable.

From day 1 the rental income was greater than the cost of holding the property. (I was making a profit from day 1) and it remained this way for the term of the bond - twenty years.

best investment ever

Multiply Wealth 

Over the next 20 years this property consistently earned more in rental income than its expenses. In fact every year my profit margin increased to the point that I borrowed an extra R 250 000 on the bond after 10 years and the rental was still sufficient to  cover all costs.

Target Reached

On 5 February 2022 I made my final bond repayment and the property is now 100% mine.

So why do I call this the best investment ever?

The return on investment (ROI) is Infinite!  - How do you beat Infinite?

Return on Investment

To work out return on investment one takes the total net income (the return)  divided by the initial cost of the investment. ( The cash you invested) 

Return on Investment ( ROI ) = Return / Investment. 

Let’s look at the approximate returns


R 240 000        Approx Rental profit (an averaged out surplus of R 1000 per month for 20 years )

R 250 000        Second bond taken during the 20 year period

R 650 000         Current value if I sold.

R 1 140 000  Total Return


ZERO of my own cash was Invested . NOTE: (repairs and vacancy costs were covered by the monthly surplus savings)

Now since ROI = Return/Investment

Return on Investment

 1 140 000 /   0 =  INFINITY   

The  ROI  is Infinite!!

This investment has produced R 1 140 000 over 20 years at ZERO cash Invested.

Check out this short where Robert Kiyosaki also refers to Infinite Return on Investment that is possible with property. 

Robert Kiyosaki says that the 8% the financial advisors are offering is for Chumps!

The Future? 

Now that I find myself in this position with a paid up property, what are my options?

My choices at the moment are:

  • Sell the property for R 650 000 (but that would be madness as it will incur capital gains tax, and I would be chopping down a fruit tree that was bearing monthly fruit)
  • Do nothing and keep the property and enjoy the R 5000 extra income every month (and pay tax on the income) .
  • Take out a second bond of around R 500 000  and use that as a deposit on buying 2 or three extra properties…

If you would like to do the same, check out Property In a Box or this video  below and we will get you on the path of  obtaining the best return on investment ever.

Click to play


About the Author Neil Vorster

Neil Vorster is a property investment coach, investment author and co-founder of Organic Growth. Aerobatics pilot and cycling nut.

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